One of my main photographic interests is photographing Glamour, Nudes and Erotica, I have a growing collection of photographs of Female Nude and Semi Nude beautiful models, many of them posing erotically. I try to add to the collection on a regular basis.

I also have a love of Landscape, Wildlife and Railway photography. I have travelled extensively and have photographs from around the world. Many of my travels were pre digital so many early photographs are scanned copies of negs. But there is a section devoted to Kenya which comprises all digital photographs.

There are also what I have termed historical photographs. These were taken by either myself or my father dating back as far as the 1950's some of them in colour.

Most photographs on this site are for sale as prints or in many cases as digital downloads. Many of them for security reason have the 毛 猪 mao zhu symbol on them. Anyone wanting copies without this symbol please contact me for further information.

My photography actually started when I was about 9 when my father gave me a Ilford Sportie, I then progressed to a Kodak Retinette which was a hand down from my father. I later purchased a Pentax MX, my entry into digital was made in 1999 with firstly a Kodak DC240 and then in 2005 a Kodak 7630. The Digital SLR day arrived, when in 2007 I purchased a Nikon D80 Digital SLR, which was upgraded to a Nikon D7000 and then a D800 was added to the collection.